Morris Park, with a population of 37,578 can be described in every sense of the word as a close community and warm neighborhood where people have known each other for years. This sense of community and neighborhood is almost a thing of the past, but not in Morris Park. The homes, high-rise condos and townhouse condos that are up for sale sell very quickly because they are prized by buyers for their excellent market value and affordable prices.

Morris Park Lifestyle

There are many things to do and see in Morris Park including exercise/dance classes, little league, ice skating, jogging paths, and sports. Additionally, visits to the 700-acre New York Botanical Gardens brings delight to "Kids" of all ages with the annual large scale Holiday Train Show featuring indoor/outdoor G-scale trains that make their way through an artistic, outdoor handmade recreation of historic New York towns.

The train show, a major draw with New Yorkers and visitors from all over, changes a little every year, and it's always pure magic. It's even fun in a snow storm, and we can attest to that from personal experience. Imagine being the only three "Kids" running around on the snow laden ground. We really shouldn't have gone because of the weather, but it turned out fine.

Residents and visitors from all over the country are also fascinated with the grandeur of the Orchid Show housed in the Beaux-Arts crystal palace. It's easy to spend hours at this show exploring the wide array of delicate and unusual orchids. There's also the Magnificent Trees New York Botanical Garden exhibitions and the one million plus plants that thrive on the Garden's 700 acres.

Morris Park residents take great pride in this National Historic Landmark that's so close to home.  We invite you to visit Morris Park, a neighborhood you'll want to call home.