You will be pleasantly disarmed by the friendly people who live in the Bronx, not that the other boroughs aren't friendly, but nothing tops the Bronx. Additionally, the Bronx has affluent bedroom communities like Riverdale, Pelham Manor, Fieldston, Country Club, and City Island with its classic townhouses, historic private waterfront homes and famous seafood temptations, among others.

There are so many fascinating things to explore in the Bronx including The New York Botanical Garden, a green pristine oasis that's beyond inviting year round, the Bronx Zoo, Wave Hill, a 26 acre nonprofit cultural institution located on the former George W. Perkins estate that's home to his historic house, concerts, gardens, and art exhibitions that are designed with New Jersey's Palisades as a backdrop.

At Advantage Homes, we have a long and proud family history of over 35 combined years serving the community with full service real estate. We're sensitive to the needs of our clients and their individual objectives which is why each and every client is treated with white gloves.

We have the latest listings that we know will be of interest to our perspective Bronx home buyers looking for single and multi family properties and condos. We're are also in sync with the Bronx areas that are known for the finest private and public schools, and recreation areas of interest to families with children.  Our clients are treated the way we would expect to be treated if the circumstances were reversed.