If you're looking for a new and affordable home, you'll find everything from single-family homes, attractive duplexes, two-family homes and condos to mixed use buildings in Sound View which is located in the South Central section of the Bronx. In fact, just recently an additional, large affordable housing construction project has broken ground for phase one of a three phase planned residential development.

Sound View's Open Spaces

Sound View boasts of a peaceful 205 acre marshland that sports walking and cycling paths, playgrounds, several sports playing fields along with majestic views of the Long Island Sound and the Bronx River. Residents love the peace and quiet that this green space affords as a convenient and beautiful getaway that's close to home.

Additionally, an extensive amount of development funds have been invested in the Sound View area that has resulted in enhanced pedestrian access along with carefully redesigned recreational areas that have been totally renovated.

Soundview Park Restoration — a commitment to the future

The exciting rebirth of the Bronx is clearly evident in the vibrant restoration of its Soundview Park with a $9.9 million restoration of wetlands, lagoon and upland forests. Restoring the wetlands will provide badly needed shelter for birds and marine life since they benefit from the shelter provided by the wetlands restoration which will also improve water quality and help to create a healthier ecosystem. Additionally, paths will be created for nature walking paths and educational programs.

If you're seriously looking for a new home now's the perfect time to investigate Sound View, and we're here to help.