Happening in Bayport New York: Fun, Family and the Sphinx

Located on Long Island the area has been committed to community events and issues even with its middle class roots. Home ownership and continual investment in education makes it a nuturing environment to raise a family.


Bayport has second and third generation residents. Its location of an hour and an half from New York makes it a grand place to have the best of surburban America and yet have access to big city delights. With less than 10,000 residents many know each other adding to the close knit feel of the area.


Long Island is known for its one hundred mile of beaches. Bayport sits on the Great South Bay. Local hobbies involve boating and fishing. A ferry meanders over to Fire Island making a trip on some weesunny weeknd afternoon a snap. Neighborhoods south of Middle Road catch the bay breeze daily and have many homes at least a century.


Many shops reside on the Montauk Highway.Bayport Commons Strip Center. It has "Kiddie Camp West",  "La Rage Salon" and "Mondello Bakery". A favorite of the locals comes as the "Grey Horse Tavern". It turns organic ingredients from local farms into stylish dishes. Not a new tavern at all, its 140 year history means a story at every table every night.


Having family means centering around school days and ways. Bayport schools rate well on New York education standards. Two elementaries, one Junior High and a High School serve the needs of the community. Many programs have won awards.

Sphinx and Aviation

Bayport has an unusual attraction in a cement Sphinx. Egyptian styled the Sphinx moves around the town randomly. An inscription adds to the mystery that challenges a female to climb to the sphinx's head to have an opportunity to marry a millionaire. With the many mansions around the beach anything can happen.

The Bayport Aerodrome Society operates the Livng Aviation Museum. Its 24 hanger  houses experimental air craft and antique air craft. Two of the hangers are used for the museum exhibits. The area has a sizable amount of local aviation history to share.

Whether visiting or buying a home, Bayport offers a good balance of activities, a community and great schools.